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Christchurch Carpet Cleaning-Experienced Operators

Christchurch carpet cleaning experienced operators Carpet Care Solutions are one of the best carpet cleaning professionals in Christchurch.

We not only clean the carpet but also take care of it. Owned by Patrick Greig, who is IICRC Certified has been in this industry for more than 15 years, which gives him ample experience in carpet cleaning. This is put to the best use by him for serving his clients and giving them outstanding results. We specialize in carpet cleaning, couch & upholstery cleaning including mattress cleaning, advanced stain removal, tiles, vinyl and flotex cleaning. We aim in quality rather than on quantity which gives us happy and satisfied customers. Cleaning by Carpet Care Solutions is the best gift you can give to your carpet, which not will clean it superficially but will also deep clean it. We have each of our team members properly trained and experienced in carpet cleaning thus you can be assured that your homes and offices are in the hands of professionally qualified people. 100% Kiwi owned and operated we are proud to say that our customers are happy with our services and often recommend it to their peers.

We focus on complete cleaning and ensure that our cleaning solutions do not drain the color of your carpet. We leave the carpet and furniture clean and in a neutral condition for safety, each time you chose us for the service. This makes your home or office hygienic and dust free, reducing the number of allergies occurring in the inmates. Not only are we reliable and honest but we promise to turn up on time for the services you have availed and finish it with sheer perfection. For Carpet & Rugs cleaning give Carpet Care Solutions a call on 0800 289 2011, or text 0211343164, and you will never be disappointed. Carpet & Rugs at it's best. Expect the best and nothing less!

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