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Carpet Care Solutions provide a comprehensive end-to-end carpet cleaning service in Christchurch and the Canterbury region, backed by free advice from highly-qualified experts.  

Our deep cleaning targets the root of the pile, pulling stains and bad odours from the base of the carpet, leaving a truly clean finish. We can handle all types of carpets: wool, nylon, solution-dyed nylon, Smart Strand (Polyester), polypropylene, sisal, Flotex. 

We can also help you take care of all the tile and grout cleaning and help you in achieving brilliant results. 

We use an Eco Pure cleaning solution to ensure your family and pets are able to continue to enjoy your home. 

We are a proud Christchurch-based company, 100% locally owned, that provides not just a good job, but a great job, with our world-leading pre-sprays, rinses, chemicals, stain removers and machinery.  No job is too big or small, from stains to full cleans – we do it all.

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What Sets Us Apart?

7 step cleaning method

Our Process

Our 7 step process has never let us down, with years of perfecting it we can offer the best in-depth cleaning that goes above and beyond international standards. Contact us for a free quote.

We’re the go-to for carpet cleaning in Christchurch, delivering carpet & upholstery cleaning, stain removal, rug & mattress cleaning, as well as tile & grout treatments. All adhering to our strict, top-quality process.

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

W. Edwards Deming


Our technician will do a walk-through inspection with you to identify carpet history and construction, soiling conditions and potential permanent stains.


The first step is targeting dry soil. Dry soil is removed by thorough vacuuming using our top of the line machinery to pull even the deepest dirt.


We use eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for both people and pets. We pre-spray the carpet to break down the proteins on your carpet, breaking down stains.


Your carpet will be agitated with a carpet groomer or rotary cleaning machine (depending on soil level) to further loosen traffic area soil.

Hot Water Extraction

Using a special machine, we extract the soil and pre-spray from the carpet, ensuring a cleaner and drier carpet post clean. 


After a good condition, we then rinse the carpet lifting the last of the remaining residue, for the best results.


Your carpet is groomed with a professional groomer so that the pile of your carpet is standing tall when we leave. 

Quick drying treatments

Planet/human friendly and eco-conscious products

100% satisfaction guaranteed

More than 15 years of experience

100% Kiwi owned

NZ Standard AS/NZS 3733: chemicals, heat, agitation & time

IICRC internationally certified

Our Message to You.

Fact. Christchurch has plenty of carpet cleaning companies. Most do an OK job. Just OK.

Fact. Your children and pets (and adults too) often play on that carpet. You don’t want it to be less than thoroughly, scrupulously clean. 

Fact. There are big differences in cleaning. It’s all about getting deep down into the carpet pile. With the best chemicals (eco-pure!). And taking time to do it right.

For health, for appearance, for odour, for long life, for sustainability, for good! Cleaned properly, carpets don’t need constant attention.

So what? This company provides a total-care service … a comprehensive end-to-end carpet care programme backed by free advice from highly-qualified experts. All supported by comprehensive written reporting, with a costing you can understand and trust.

Carpet Care Solutions are long-experienced professionals, qualified under international IICRC certification. We work above the IICRC standards – not many cleaning companies do.

Our company is a prominent member of the Carpet Cleaners Association of NZ. We use clean, healthy Safety Work Kits – check them on the web.

We do it all
We handle all carpets: wool, nylon, solution-dyed nylon, Smart Strand (Polyester), polypropylene, sisal, Flotex. Plus we clean and maintain all forms of floorings – even driveways!

How often? You don’t want to be worrying constantly about carpet cleaning. With a woollen carpet for example, the Wool Board recommends cleaning each 12-18 months. Other fibres are similar.

Sometimes people ask us to do a quick once-over, just to freshen the carpet a bit. We won’t. A carpet not properly cleaned is … well, unclean. Do you really want that in your home?

Sometimes there’s been a nasty spill and a one-off stain removal is called for. We take care of it. The technicals are a big area, we’ll make sure you understand fully.

Cost We’re not the cheapest, but we are always cost-efficient … you get what you pay for. We will never cut costs by using inferior or unsafe materials, by skipping steps, etc.

Safety In carpet, it’s essential all chemicals and other products being used are human-friendly and eco sustainable. Too often cheaper or more convenient short-cuts are used. Don’t allow it! We use only recognised, world-leading pre-sprays, rinses, chemicals, stain removers and machinery, leaving the carpet in a neutral state for safe, healthy wear.

Confidence We are a proud Christchurch-based company, 100% locally owned, that provides not just a good job, but a great job. We are committed sponsors of Heart Kids, the Child Cancer Foundation NZ and the Rescue Helicopter Trust.  

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