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Upholstery Protection

Christchurch Upholstery Protection

If you purchase a high-quality piece of furniture, fabric protection is something you should think about almost immediately. While some might feel that furniture fabric protection is unnecessary, the fact is, after spending hundreds (or even thousands!) on a recliner, sofa, or loveseat, it is worth the little bit extra to make sure that a spilled cup of coffee doesn’t ruin your investment. 

Upholstery protection is not just for furniture either. After buying new drapes, curtains, or a new rug, a small investment in protection could save you a bundle in replacement down the road.

Protected upholstery requires less cleaning and fewer spot treatments during future visits. Plus, it keeps your furniture looking great all season long. Most of our customers opt for routine sealant applications throughout the year to keep their upholstery, drapes and rugs looking like new.

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