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Tile & Grout Cleaning

The Quick Description

With deep tile and grout cleaning, you bring your tiles and grout back to life. Our in-depth process pulls dirt from the grout lines, rejuvenating the colour whilst sanitising the tiles, leaving your tiled spaces like new.

— Effectively clean textured tiles.

— Removed trapped dirt, oils and bacteria.

— Prolong the lifespan of your tiles and grout.

— We only use environmentally friendly, safe cleaning compounds.

Our Professional Tile Cleaning Procedure

1 | A pre-inspection of all tile and grout areas to check for damage and or corrosion.

2 | Sweeping the tiled areas if required before the tile and grout cleaning commences.

3 | Application of suitable detergents.

4 | Agitation with rotary scrubbers to loosen any soil on the tiles.

5 | Stain treatment if required.

6 | High-pressure tile and grout cleaning process used with extraction.

7 | Mopping tile and grout, cleaning the surface – leaving it dry and free of moisture and streaks.

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