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Stain Removal

Christchurch Stain Removal

We are well versed in the removal of stubborn stains. Wine, oil or grease is no match for our technicians. 

— 15+ Years of experience 

— Hand-mixed, fibre-specific cleaning compounds for each type of carpet ensure quality results.

— Eco-Friendly, enzyme-based cleaning products that won’t harm the environment, kids or pets.

— Deep cleaning removes stains and odours. 

Home Remedies Don’t Work

Wool, nylon, polyester and polypropylene carpet fibres react differently to various types of staining substances and cleaning methods. There is a different stain cleaning methodology and chemical mix for each type of carpet fibre.

Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are an example of a sticky stain that will cling to the fibres of your carpet. Again, the resilience of sticky carpet stains depend on your carpet type (some fibres are more accommodating of sticky stains than others).

Different stain textures

Other sticky substances that can cause a carpet stain problem include chewing gum, which is pliable and can get in amongst the fibres. Then there are fruit juices. The acidic nature of a fruit juice can cause a real problem once it has set in – and, of course, blood.

Wine Stains

Wine stains are another tough stain to remove. The colour of wine comes from plant pigments like anthocyanin – a natural colouring agent found in the skin of the grape. It is so good at staining that it's an important ingredient in manufactured dyes.

Pet Urine Stains

Dog and cat urine stains are acidic and contain nitrogen, which is used in the making of ammonia, nitric acid and TNT – no wonder they can cause such damage if left unattended. We also remove pet odours.

Greasy Stains

As for oil, grease and wax stains, the simple answer is that they will repel water. Water is a polar molecule and grease is a non-polar molecule, so ultimately the negative charges in grease and water repel each other. Our chemical mixes will cut through this.

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