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Odour Control

Christchurch Odour Control

10x More effective than supermarket products, our odour removal does exactly as it suggests. By pulling the odour from the root of the carpet, we can permanently remove the scent, rather than just temporarily masking it. 

We can remove;

— Damp, Mouldy Odour
— Urine Stains & Scent
— Food & Beverage Spill Odours
— Cigarette Odour

Odour control specialists

Quality Job, Quality Results

If your primary motivator is price, you could find your carpets under the care of a poorly trained technician with inferior equipment or somebody who is rushing to finish so they can move on to the next job. Either way, the result be disappointing.

Shelf Products Don't Work

Urine sinks deep into the carpet, so even off-the-shelf and home remedies are likely to be ineffective for removing the stink from your carpet. Without help from technology, you’re off the shelf solutions may not penetrate far enough to break down the urine.

Smelly and Damp Carpet

Make no mistakes, some smells are challenging, but they can be removed with the right expertise plus - carefully selected carpet cleaning solutions based on your particular carpet fibre type and the correct high-powered equipment needed to get the moisture out.

Odours Can Damage Your Health

Bad odours affect the sense of wellbeing you get from living in a clean home, even if your house is spotlessly clean. Carpet powders and other off the shelf cleaners may have only a deodorizing effect if not used with the right expertise, techniques and equipment.

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