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Mattress Cleaning

Christchurch Mattress Cleaning

The average person spends a third of their life in bed, whether it’s at home or in a hotel – a clean mattress is important for hygiene and is a key ingredient in a good night’s sleep. The sweat and heat from your body, while you sleep, create the perfect environment for bacteria and bugs (such as mites). Frequent vacuuming and airing will help to mitigate some of this, but only a professional can guarantee a truly clean mattress.

Our efficient cleaning method means we can clean as many mattresses as is required with no issue, whether that’s one mattress, twenty mattresses, or even more.  

Why Get Your Mattress Cleaned?

According to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand around 70 – 80 per cent of asthma is associated with allergies. One of the most common allergens is house mite droppings. And where in the home is mites’ favourite place to hide? In your mattress! The fact that we spend a third of our lives lying on mattresses not only contributes to the seriousness of the problem but is a key reason for the problem. While you’re in bed you’re losing millions of dead skin cells. These are so microscopically tiny they fall easily through the weave of night attire, sheets, mattress protectors and mattress ticking into the support layers of your mattress. There they and accumulated dander, fungal spores and dust become dinner for dust mites. Adding to the appeal of mattresses to dust mites is the average six teaspoons of moisture an adult body gives off each night; This moisture and body heat create an environment that’s paradise for mites.

Keep Your Mattress Clean

• Use natural linen or cotton covers and wash them when washing sheets & pillow covers
• A monthly vacuum will leave mattresses dust & lint free, thus preventing bed bugs germination
• Wipe/blot spillage immediately
• On sunny days, air mattresses to dry out bodily moisture
• Steam clean annually Note: Mattress cleaning for motels, hotels, rest homes or public accommodation are required more frequent service to keep them hygienically clean. Germicidal sprays or mists are also available to keep mattresses smelling fresh & odour free. If someone does have allergies in your home, you may need to vacuum more frequently and/or make purchasing a mattress cover a necessity

The Mattress Experts

How good are our technicians? We train other mattress cleaners, in NZ and overseas. Qualified under international IICRC certification – and we work above the IICRC standards. The knowledge, the equipment, the expertise – it’s all yours. Just phone us.

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