Christchurch Rug Cleaning Specialists

Throwdown Rug: We clean standard throwdown rugs and area rugs. All rugs eventually need to be cleaned. We have all shapes and sizes covered.

Persian Rugs: Persian rugs are an expensive investment that require specialist attention. We take extreme care with your persian rugs - luxury, antique and handmade.

Oriental Rugs: From Turkey to Iran, no matter the quality, design or pattern we ensure the best clean for your rug. We work across all types: oushak, peshawar, serapi, heriz and more.

Silk Rug: Natural silk fibres are delicate. Hot water and steam, or the wrong chemicals will compromise its strength. Our specialist process prevents such disasters.

Tribal Rugs: Tribal rugs come with different weaves and designs. Restore the colours and tones to look fresh again.

Middle Eastern Rugs: You name it, we clean it. Persian, Afghan, Turkish, Runners, and Kilims. Talk to us today. Picture of van white will do no machine just side image of van

Rug Pick-up and Delivery: Carpet Care Solutions will collect your rug for cleaning and return it to your door once we're done. This ensures the very best results for your rugs, and allows us the time to do the job properly.

Specialist care at external location: We typically clean your rugs in a safe remote cleaning location that caters for the numerous intricacies in rug cleaning. This keeps us out of your way and give us the time and space to achieve the best possible results.

Phone: 033858777
Mon-Sun: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
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