Patrick Greig, Director

About - Carpet Care Solutions

We offer the best carpet cleaning services for commercial and residential properties in Christchurch. A sheer professional touch in cleaning along with hygiene consciousness is what we offer to our clients. Everybody wants the best service when it comes to carpet cleaning.

The Truck Mount machine which we use for carpet cleaning is a great cleaning machine. It is one of the highest qualities of truck mounts available in the market for the cleaning purpose giving exclusive deep clean carpets. As is evident from the image, the truck mount machine is a self-sustained machine that generates power and hot water for the cleaning purpose on its own. The only power that we will be using from the property will be for vacuum cleaners. This machine helps in deep cleaning and sanitizing at a high temperature thereby maximizing the effect.

We aim at the maximum output so that our clients are satisfied and prefer using our services time and again happily giving us the immense satisfaction of serving them. Our work speaks for itself and you will feel the difference when you see it. At Carpet Care Solutions, Christchurch, we aim at clean and safe carpets which each individual deserves. Our spotless reputation extends to carpet, rugs, tiles, vinyl, and flotex. We aim at becoming the first choice for your carpet cleaning services. Our team takes immense pride in providing you with clean carpets thereby saving you the extra cost of re-carpeting and doing the reupholstering. Do browse our website to have a thorough look at our services being offered by our expert technicians who provide the next generation cleaning services at your doorstep as and when required by you be it late night, early mornings.

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